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Arun Kumar

Electronic Control & Electrical Engineer

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Permanent Green Free Eco Friendly Energy Solution by

Our unit is green free innovation on advance micro controller technology having copyright and patented the products manufactured by our unit                 

INDUSTRIES are more effective, powerful and economical than any other unit. The unit is also certified by ISO, NSIC and MSME Govt. of INDIA & the name of products are noted below:

A.    Hybrid Solar products including Solar Street light.

B.    Water fuel energy solution for vehicles.

C.    Hybrid Solar Inverters.

D.    Voltage controller of various range based on LCD & without relay servo type controller. 


We Feel Pleasure in doing hard nut to crack.

Shrijan Industries has develpoed Electronic Devices on Advance Technology Based on Microcontroller with the help of Talented Engineers. 

 We Beliveve in High Quality & Invite Suggestions for Improvement & Achievements.


About the Product Range

We have manufacturing power conditioning equipment by the name of “Shrijan”. It includes voltage stabilizer CVT, servo, isolation fridge, AC, photocopiers and full-house from 0.25 KVA capacity to 30 KVA capacity in the voltage range of 60 volt to 325 volt on single phase. Hybrid solar super LED/CFL lamp street lighting. There is a series of extra reliable DSP hybrid power inverters from 300 VA to 3 KVA.

 About The Plant & Components

It is product of An ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system, NSIC, designed to meet R.D.S.O. standards. It is houses vacuum sealing plant for EI core and toroidal  transformer with pumping machine, provides up to 0.001 cm of mercury and pressure of 160 psig. We have components of high reliability and best possible available sources through score of vendors across the country as well as imports. The lamination is strictly CRGO/CRNO EI/Toroidal of professional grade.. high purity of aluminum / Copper goes in our vacuum impregnated transformer adding several years of life in humid environment. Relays from powerman, eagleman, pla etc. Provide high degree of reliability and life in micro switching operations, electronic components from leading house viz. Phillips, keltron, CDIL, national semiconductor, microchip, atmel, Vishay etc., besides these horde of safety feature viz thermal and current over-load cut off protection.

 About the testing Procedures

We have an array of testing equipment viz. soak testing vibration, high voltage, fast change over relay operation, load operation, short circuit, voltage correction testing to rule out any variation in handling/transit.




Arun Kumar

Electronic control Electrical Engineer

Mobile No:- 





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